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  • If you already own a domain, you may use it to create a webpage with 1msite.

    We are able to transfer your domain to our platform. This gives you a possibility to design your website and publish it to a domain you already own.

    There are no extra fees for transfering your domain. If you bought one of our packages, there’s nothing to worry about. We will take the case from here and think about how to start and finish the procedure.

    You will receive an e-mail, in which we will ask you to give us your name and surname, the national insurance number of the person who has registered the domain and the Auth-Info which you can get from your current provider. Creating a website has never been as simple as today. Moreover, if you don’t know how to design and create your website, 1msite team will help you by providing a step by step guidance, that will make your experience easy and enjoyable!

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    If you would like to have a good, custom and developed website, that includes design and web marketing, send us an e-mail explaining what would you prefer; we will introduce you to a recognized web designer, who possess some specific competencies and skills. He will take into consideration your expectations in order to create a successful website matching your needs.

    Moreover, we are going to introduce you to a web designer expert who will help you to design the site, mainly setting up contents with specific instructions and writing texts suitable for Google. Finally they will give you some useful pieces of advice on how to set your parameters such as Title, Description, Keyword, so that they are optimised to search engines. If you follow these simple instructions you will increase website traffic.

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Make your site attractive with texts, images, youtube videos, downloadable files, contacts and much more.

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A well – built website is such a successful business card influencing whatever business you’re running. I strongly confirm that 1msite is absolutely easy to use and all services contained are highly professional.

– Alessandro La Russa – Milano (MI)

1msite has been such an unexpected and amazing surprise; I found and tried it by chance…and in only three clicks it was already done. It was such an incredible and huge satisfaction I had created it just by myself!

– Maria Giuseppina Cascone – Parole Di Carta – Milano

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