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Search Engines Will Be Your Friends

This screen-shot shows one of our free users whose website appears on Google. He didn’t need to do anything – once he published his website, it was already on Google. Create Your Website Now

Being on Google/Bing/Yahoo shouldn’t involve some kind of Voodoo.

When you create your website with us, you will be on Google as soon as possible.

Just hit “Publish” and after a few minutes (sometimes even less!) you’ll appear as a search result.

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You Are The One in Control

…not us. You’re the one who decides how and when to change your website.

Manage your content by yourself.

Editing your website is as easy as writing an email.

Sit back and start writing the content, uploading images, totally free.

It Takes a Click to Manage

With just a click you can apply all the changes to your website.

Want to edit some content but show it to your visitors at a later date?

Feel free to update your website without publishing the changes until you’re ready.

No need to learn how to use our simple, sleek and straightforward interface: we use clear names and actions, so that you won’t have to worry about how to change an image or edit text. Create Your Website Now

More Than 105,235 People Trust Us Because… 


You can edit in few clicks


You can change your website whenever you want


No need to know html or tech-related languages


Every month we release new, stunning themes

We Asked Our Customers
What They Like About 1MinuteSite

1 Minute Site was a wonderful discovery. I used it by chance… and in three clicks my website was REALLY done.
And when I got back home my website was already online.

Maria Giuseppina Cascone – Parole Di Carta
A website that is well-built and easy to use is a great business card on the web for whatever business you’re doing.
All the services that 1 Minute Site offers are extremely professional and high-quality.

Alessandro La Russa
Milano (MI)

This Week’s Awesome Website Is…

Yes, we are biased, but what better way to show how much we love this product than by using it?

Since we are a web company, we use 1MinuteSite for our client’s websites, and guess what?
They love it and it helps us build websites faster. Here are some examples:


These Are Some of the Great
Free Themes You Will Get

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We work every month to add new themes to our collection so that you never get tired of the same ones.