1 minute site is…

  1. A web-oriented application that allows you to easily and quickly create a website directly online, with no need to download any software on your computer;
  2. A CMS platform aiming at the creation of professional website in an easy way, as a text editor, by entering and updating your content whenever you want
  3. A tool that allows you to create a website that fits your image, offering you custom graphics as well
  4. A range of solutions for all your needs, from the free version to the professional versions : Basic, Professional, Business. These last three versions include the domain’s registration cost and the chance to request custom graphics, and they differ based on their web and inbox space available
  5. A reliable partner to promote your company and increase your online business

1 minute Site is a trademark by Sintra Consulting Ltd.

Sintra Consulting is a well-established entrepreneurial company in the field of Information & Communication Technology.

Thanks to the market knowledge and experience in selling internet services and creation of web-based products, Sintra Consulting has seen a significant growth in the years, confirmed above all by the excellent financial indicators of last three years of activity. Strongly market-oriented, Sintra Consulting has always used strategical approach to its internal processes, emphasizing organizational learning, increasing human capital value, and continuously involving its collaborators.
Sintra Consulting is specialized in the following activities :

  • Website creation
  • Web marketing : website optimization and PPC
  • Online selling solutions : ecommerce and online catologues
  • Consultancy and Web programming : .Java, net, .asp, .php
  • Optimization solutions for IT companies

Where we are

Legal Office
Via F.lli Lumiere 19 52100 Arezzo
Tel: 0575/383429
Fax: 0575/980734
Email: info@1msite.com

All you need to run your business with your personal site

Domain included

You will get your personal domain: www.mysite.com


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Technical Support

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Photo Gallery

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Graphic Templates

Choose amonng several graphic templates

Responsive templates

Discover our offer on graphic responsive templates which suit any kind of mobile device

Multilanguage Website

You can create a multilanguage website up to 3 different languages.

Youtube Videos

Add Youtube videos you like more.

Google Maps

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You can insert on your site downloads: Pdf, word, Zip files.

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