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Our affiliate program is an easy way to “monetize” high traffic website by using:

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How to start earning money

Embed 1msite banner which you can download from the Affiliate Dashboard, into your site or blog in order to do that you need to choose the format and then copy and paste the HTML code.

We will send you your affiliation code via e-mail, so you can start monetizing your website.


Percentage can vary depending on the cost of each of 1 Minute Site purchase, which is bound to display 1 Minute Site banner on your website

  • 1$for every registration on 1msite and spreading the banner posted on the affiliate website we offer:
  • 50% off if you buy Basic version (save $24 total, tax included);
  • 50% off if you buy Professional version (save $42, tax included);
  • 50% off if you buy Business version (save 114$!, tax included)

Who can become a member ?

Everyone gets an opportunity to become an affiliate, but it’s obligatory to own a website, a facebook account or a mailing list. The website doesn’t necessarily need to be created with 1msite.

In order to have a possibility to manage the affiliate dashboard and banners or consult the remuneration budget, you only need to complete the free 1msite registration.


1msite staff can refuse the participation in the affiliation program within 30 days starting from the day when we received the filled in application form. This can happen only if the potential affiliate is not considered to be appropriate or if the website contains controversial material.

Membership and Methodology

Once the request for the affiliation is accepted, the affiliate will receive an e-mail with all the further instructions. The affiliate will get special tools, set of banners to publicise on the site and a link to log in to the dashboard, where the affiliate can monitor purchases made by customers.

Set membership materials

This is an banner sample, size: 336px X 280p


Check out other available formats below:

300px X 250px – 160px X 60px – 180px X 150px – 234px X 60px – 728px X 90px

Banner format for the membership

Make a post to your Facebook profile wall, then invite your friends to create a website with 1msite for their project, but don’t forget to add your membership link


Request for information

The applicant has read the information below, in particular what it refers to the privacy and accepts the registration and processing of the data entered once you click the submit button Terms of Use

All you need to run your business with your personal site

Domain included

You will get your personal domain:


Personal e-mail account

Optimized Website

Your website will be easily visible on Google.

Technical Support

Send us an e-mail to

Photo Gallery

Publish your pictures and create specific Photo Gallery


Make Online Sales! Opern your online shop

Graphic Templates

Choose amonng several graphic templates

Responsive templates

Discover our offer on graphic responsive templates which suit any kind of mobile device

Multilanguage Website

You can create a multilanguage website up to 3 different languages.

Youtube Videos

Add Youtube videos you like more.

Google Maps

Let others find you quickly
Insert your Google Map


You can insert on your site downloads: Pdf, word, Zip files.

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Technical or informatic competencies are not necessary