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How does your Free Google Campaign work with a Coupon?

When you make the first purchase of a website in Business version, your first renewal or first upgrade on 1msite ( it cannot be combined with other offers), you will be entitled for the creation of an Adwords campaign on Google. We are talking about announcements with fee of Google Adwords, showed in Google search pages or on partner sites and advertised as “announcement”.
Thanks to 1msiteyou might request the set up and activation of a personal launch campaign for your website: an Google Adwords Expert will create it for you.
1MSite,firstly, offers you 25€to start running your campaign plus the Google coupon of 75€ value,for a total amount of 100€

Who is supposed to create the campaign?

Your first Google Adwords  campaign will be designed by an Adwords consultant, and 1msite will create your account according to your initial budget. You will be able to check your campaign through that account.

For how long is the Campaign coupon valid?

The campaign will last for a month on a limited area.

What will happen if my 100€ are over?

Once you will spend your 25€ made at your disposal by 1msite and the 75€ bonus, you can decide if you prefer to work just by yourself on the campaign or you would like to get an extra budget.

What to comunicate for the activation of the campaign

In order to optimize your campaign efficiency and to make it coherent with your product and/or service, we’ll ask you to answer some brief questions: target location for your campaign (meaning where your announcements will be showed), main objectives, budget etc. This will help you to reach primary goals, without wasting your budget. It is strictly important to be aware of what you want to advertise: a sale of products or a brand promotion. Then our Adwords experts will evaluate the volume of researches linked with your service and suitable keywords for your field and finally they will define your further target.


  • The Campaign Activation and free coupoun are valid only once for a Business purchase/renewal/upgrade
  • It is not freely applicable for all people who have purchased or renewed using previous offers.
  • It’s possible to request service with fee, paying 25€ (vat incl.) >to get more info please send and e-amil to
  • Extra offer when purchansing site. If not activating campaign, it doesn’t influence validity of package purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Introduction to Adwords

Google Adwords is a keyword advertising system based on the relationship between the product research, services on the web and what other sites offer to satisfy this research. When a user makes a defined research,then Adwords activates the most suitable announcements which can offer a user the best experience in the web, satisfying their needs as much as possible. Differently from traditional advertising channel (tv, radio, media) Google Adwords charges costs of the advertiser only in case of a click, without charging any cost for the campaign pre-activation.
Basically, Adwords allows intercepting your potential client or user who is looking for what you offer. For more information, please read this guide
For more information, please read this guide.

What is a “Pay per Click” Campaign?

Pay per Click campaign is an online advertising tool that allows you to make your advertisement public, using texts, pictures and videos, which are linked to your website. Advertising messages that you create will be showed only when user looks for product and services similar or connected with yours, so that campaign is oriented towards people who are already looking for something.
The term “ pay per click” will indicate that you will pay every time when a user clicks on your announcement or visit your website. Pay per Click campaign can be activated for a short period and it has almost immediate efficiency on the visibility of your website.

How can i track Roi of Adwords Campaign?

With Adwords pay per click campaign it is possible to track the return on investment (ROI) generated by your advertisement, even though not always it can be possible to establish their real value ( for example it is not possible to evaluate the psychological value that campaign has had on the user).

Important variables to calculate Roi

Variables important to calculate Roi are the following:

  • Cost per click
  • Total cost for the pay per click campaign
  • Click through rate – CTR
  • Total number of visitors , for the chosen research sentence
  • Conversion rate
  • Average gross income x order

Formula to calculate ROI

We present the general formula:

[(Revenue given by PPc – expense for the PPc)/ expense for the PPc] *100 = %ROI

It is also suggested to calculate the return of the single keyword because there are some that have more clicks than others. It is possible, indeed, to recognize them:

  • General keywords, often informative, which have a higher cost basically because of their competition
  • Specific keywords, generated by users already interested and ready to purchase.

Analyzing keyword Roi can be an interesting task that will help to to understand which are the most profitable words.

How Google expert calculates the cost of click?

To explain better the mechanism used by Google in deciding the price and positioning of announcements, let’s leave the stage to Hal Varian, Google Chief Economist:

What are the common mistakes to avoid during an Adwords Campaign?

If Google Adwords campaign is activated, then traffic on your page raises and statistics have instantaneously a peak; then the biggest problem and the aim also of all the people who activate campaigns, is the conversion rate..
In order to do so and to obtain great results it is necessary to study, test and constantly modify campaigns; in that case you will be able to find the optimal combination..
There are no fixed rules to make an Adwords campaign, , because every campaign depends on the product type, on business, on period of the year, etc…Although it is possible to define the common mistakes of many campaigns:

  • Home page as landing page: it is possible that this page is not designed correctly because it might be composed by a complex menu, texts and pictures and the user will simply get lost. It is really important to lead users to a page where it will be easy to find the certain product/service. The ideal solution could be a creation of a specific landing page..
  • Creating an announcement with many keywords: it is possible to collect all the keywords in just one announcement but they need to be pertinent and interrelated to each other.
  • Not tracking or checking the trend of your page: after some days it’s possible to see that some words do not convert, others have impression but they aren’t clicked and many more are generic. The constant vision of tracks is necessary to make your campaign better.
  • Believing that your campaigns are all equal: they often can be differentiated concerning type of product or service, the cost of click, results and many other factors.

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