How to purchase and renew a domain

How to purchase a domain on 1msite for my website?

Both domain and e-mail are included for fee in the price of every of the 1msite plans. If you have some problems or doubts please send us an e-mail to To activate your domain we will ask you to provide us with some details about physical person that owns the domain and is responsible for contents advertised on the site. We will need a name, surname and fiscal code of a person making request. Once you made purchase and your account was activated, we’ll send you an confirmation e-mail.

If I already own a domain, how can I use it to make my website with 1msite?

It is possible to transfer your domain on our platform and to set it up on the website made with 1msite. To go further we will ask you the authentication code of your domain which you will get from your current provider. There are no extra fees for transferring your domain, all you need to do is to purchase one of our plans and we’ll control the procedure from the very beginning to the end. We will need a name, surname, fiscal code and authorization code of the person who owns the domain.

How long does the procedure of purchasing a domain last?

Usually the domain is valid for a year. It is important to renew your domain few days in advance. In addition, if the renewal will not be done within 5 days from expiring date, the reactivation of it will require an extra payment of 20€ (vat incl.). This tax is a fee needed according to the directives given by the Registration Authority.

What will happen if I will forget to renew my domain?

If you decide not to renew your domain, the name of the domain will be free for new registration after two months from expiring date. The amount of time needed to make a name of the domain free is fixed by the Italian Authority. It is not possible to say when exactly an expired domain in .com .net .org .biz .info format will be free for new registration.

How to renew a domain for my website on 1msite?

Domain is included into the price of your plan therefore it will be renewed when you decide to make the payment for the renewal of our plan. You can decide to make a multi-annual renewal: it means that in addition to a 50% discount on the plan price, you do not need to worry about your domain; it will be renewed and automatically becomes “busy” for the same amount of years as the purchased plan.


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