Banner : how to create an impressive banner

Banner : how to create an impressive banner

What is a banner?

A banner is a graphic element inserted into a site in order to highlight and advertise offers and products or to highlight the things that the owner of a site considers to be a priority for communication strategy. In most cases a banner has a rectangular or squared form and contains schematically all the necessary information to show the desired message with efficiency. It is possible to create different types of banners. They vary from classical static banners in .jpg format to animated ones with special flash effects in .gif and html format.

Features of a successful banner

The aim of a banner is to communicate directly and efficiently a specific message. The banner must persuade users to click on the image to see detailed information on the suggested message or to make an action, such as a request for a quote, a request for details or a purchase. The main features that we need to recognize in order to create an efficient banner are as following:

  • 1. The uploaded picture should have a focal point in order to attract attention and to make your customer focused on a specific part of the banner.
  • 2. The idea of the message that the banner contains should be coherent with identity and style of the brand or product which is advertised. If, for example, we are dealing with a funeral ceremony, we should create a simple, elegant and specific message avoiding jokes not appropriate for that kind of event.
  • 3. The banner should be the entrance door which helps a user to access a link with useful information and understand properly the message. A banner that does not include a referring link is really hard to remember.
  • 4. The message that a banner brings should show positivity or make a reader more empathetic.

Size of a banner

        5. The most used sizes for a banner are:

  • 120×60
  • 88×31


How to create a high-quality banner in a few steps

There are several alternatives for creating a banner for your site without possessing any specific knowledge in a graphic design field. If you are a basic user we suggest using the online tool that allows you to create an animated banner with in few minutes.  To understand better how to create a banner with this application it is enough for you to be online on the site and follow the simple instructions.

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There is one more important and interesting tool which is called BANNERSNACK. The registration process on Bannersnack is really similar to the one on 1msite. You only need to register and create your banner. It allows you to create advertisement banner in Flah, html5 and gif format.

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On the other hand, if you are an expert in that field, we highly suggest using classic software to adapt pictures. The best idea is to use Photoshop. With a bit of practice you can create effects and shape pictures of your banner to achieve desired results. The main problem with Photoshop is the price, but we would like you to pay attention to some other programs. For example, have you ever heard about GIMP? It has almost the same functions as Photoshop and is free to use.

Why do u need to use a banner for your website?

The space for a banner must be purchased on site. Therefore it is necessary to define a connection between banner and target audience, for example a demographic feature and a specific need. No doubt using Google AdWords can be a great advantage, because it is dealing with cookies and therefore can intercept what a user is searching for and provide a thematic banner according to the specific needs and necessities. Moreover, in order to avoid underestimating the position of the banner and to understand what the best position is, we have to refer to some studies on visual perception, which clearly show that some positions are better than the others. This means that a message in a specific part of the page is seen by more users than the one which is posted in another position. For example, a banner that is located in the bottom part of a page is seen by lower percentage of visitors than the one that is located on the top of a page. The banner should also stimulate users to click and visit the site of the advertiser. Therefore it is necessary to provide the right banner in the right moment! Nowadays technology can help us because we can easily make animated, interactive and creative banner using some tools which are available for free on the internet. Your potential customers would be more than excited!


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