How to create an e-mail

E-mail is a tool that is used in everyday life by many individuals. Life without an e-mail account means life without mobile phone in the 21th century. Nowadays, communication between private or public entities is possible only through an e-mail. Even at work or in the social life e-mail has obtained a central role. In this easy manual we will explain you how to create an e-mail  just in a few steps.

How to create a free e-mail

If you are a private user and you need an e-mail to send different messages, then we suggest creating a free e-mail using one of many services at your disposal. If you type ”create an e-mail” in Google, you will find many services but we strongly recommend to use those with the best performance and reputation : Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo, Virgilio.

The procedure of creating an e-mail is really easy. We would like to explain how to create an e-mail in Gmail, the mail service that is given by GOOGLE for free and has many users all around the world.

To create an e-mail in Gmail you need to visit this site: First of all you will be requested to fill in a registration form and then in couple of seconds your personal e-mail account would be ready to use.

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Below there are some useful tips on how to quickly fill in the form:

  • 1. The most important step it’s the choice of username. The username will identify your e-mail address so make sure that a chosen name will identify you and in the same time would be easy to remember. The username must be unique, therefore it cannot duplicate others. For this reason, when using a username that is similar to others, the e-mail service will warn you about possible consequences.
  • 2. Once you have chosen a username, it is necessary to create your password. The choice of the password is important because it guarantees security and privacy. We suggest choosing a password referring to something personal that others will not be able to understand or recognize.
  • 3. After choosing username and password, you will be asked to provide some personal details and another mail address in order to verify your account which will be pretty useful in case you lost your log-in info. If you own another e-mail account, please include it. In case you do not have it, Gmail will ask for the mobile phone number and then you will receive a text message with a verification code to insert.
  • 4. The last two steps in the process of creating your e-mail are the inclusion of characters visible on the picture in the box “digit your text” and the acceptance of privacy regulation and service terms.

How to create a personal e-mail

5. In case you created an e-mail account for work purposes, it would be useful to identify your firm or business. The good idea is to acquire an e-mail secured with your domain. The process of creating a personal e-mail account starts from purchasing a domain. Usually you are entitled to set up some personal box such as:, etc. Then in order to get the procedure started you should buy a domain and after that go to a dashboard of your domain to set up the e-mail.

1msite can make your life easier if you want to create a personal e-mail. When you decide to purchase a plan to make your website with 1msite, at the same time for the same price you will purchase a domain with some boxes at your disposal. In other words if you create a website with 1msite then the e-mail will be included into the price! Sounds great, isn’t it?

Suggestions on how to manage your e-mail

You will find some useful tips on how to manage your e-mail below:

  1. Security: do not widespread your password and please always remember to “log out” every time you use your e-mail especially on public computers.
  2. 2. Priority criteria:  you need to understand that your e-mail will be an important element of your personal and professional life and that the number of messages received will increase progressively. Classify your messages concerning priority and topics using functions that many e-mail providers offer to you and then reply to the most urgent messages.
  1. 3. Pay attention when writing an e-mail: when doing that, please keep in mind that the other person should be able to understand your message quickly. Therefore before starting to write, think carefully about the information you want to share and try to compose a clear message. After that proofread it one more time and only then click on a “send” button.
  2. 4. Pay attention to suspicious e-mails: even though current providers of e-mail accounts are able to filter the advertising e-mails and those with suspicious content (spam), it is always possible to get some messages that would ask for your personal details or even your bank account details. Never reply to those e-mails!
  3. 5. Avoid controversial situations through e-mail: do not forget about the business etiquette. A text can be interpreted in many ways. So if you are using your job e-mail we strongly recommend not starting arguing via e-mail. When the e-mail might create chaos and there are some risks of incomprehension, it is better to grab the phone and make a call!.
  4. 6. It is better to create 5 short e-mail messages rather than one really long text: e-mail is usually read quickly. If you would like to send many e-mails on different topics we suggest creating 5 different messages for each single topic. The receiver would understand your ideas better!


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