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Do you need to create a personal website
but you do not have enough experience?

Look no more, 1msite will help you to create your website in few quick and easy steps.

You will be able to update it whenever you prefer and choose the best solutions to make it more efficient.

where to start?

First step: register on 1msite.

Click on Create your site and then “Create it for free”, and you will be redirected to the page where you should choose :

1.Username (it’ll be also the name of your site)

2. Password

3. E-mail address for news and info that we will send you.

NB:The Username name is an important choice, because it should perfectly reflect and highlight the main theme of your website.

Follow all the steps noted above…you are almost at the end…
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Choose your graphic design

After deciding on your username and password, you need to switch your attention to choosing the website graphic design.

Click on Create your site and then “Create it for free”, and you will be redirected to the page where you can choose:

1. Your business field from the drop-down menu*

2.Look at different templates available and choose the one you like most.

3. Click on “Create your site”

*Don’t stop at the business field you are looking for…our strong advice is to look at all the templates and choose the one that interests you most!

Please, remember…you can change graphic design whenever you want! Discover new graphic designs. Register Now!

Contents: the heart and soul of the website creation

When you decide to create your website you should first of all think about your personal needs and expectations of those of who are going to visit your website.

If a website includes plenty of useful and interesting contents it’s considered to be a successful website.

Our advice is to insert and create as many clear and simple contents as possible so that they will help your business to communicate. When you are adding contents, try to organise everything in a logic way (pretend to be in the mind of a person who is going to read your contents)

What can you include In your website?

  • Texts with images
  • Pictures galleries and slideshow
  • Youtube videos
  • Downloads
  • Google maps addresses
  • Contact form
  • Personal Google Analitycs statistics

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Example : add a paragraph with an image

The basic contents, which you can  include when deciding to create your site are texts and images:


  • Texts help to provide readers with the information, and if they are well-created they can help to improve the position in the search engines
  • Images increase the visual impact

Just a simple advice: remember to save images with names quite coherent with content; this will help you with search engine positioning of both images or website. If you have let’s say a lawyer studio website don’t forget to insert images of the studio and give them a coherent name. It will be easier for your future clients to find you.

Set up your custom website

In addition, it’s very important to think about every single step and about the things that visitors will see when they’ll your website for the first time in order to make your site amazing and efficient.

So without any doubts you should pay a lot of attention to the Website masthead. It attracts lots of customers.

You will be able to choose a masthead image which  represents your business the best, or an image that shows your website content.

Now…create your site!

If you feel confident enough to create your site then it’s the right moment to begin!

Below you will find the reviews from people who already tried 1msite.
You can also take a look on some tips from the web.

What are you waiting for? Create now your free website

Monitor and manage the  information

Thanks to the new Dashboard, with 1msite at any moment  you can receive the following information: how many people have visited your site, who has sent you an e-mail, how much web spaceis still available..

Through the Dashboard Menu you will also be able to modify your password, the name and footer information.

PS. In the Dashboard Menù you will also find instructions on how to contact our staff: contact us if you need help!

Create a website that will show up in the first few pages of search results

1msite would like to introduce you to some special functions that will help you create a website which will show up in the first few pages of search results

Take a look on what you will find inside your dashboard after registration : simple fields that you need to fill up.

Keywords: Imagine to be an avarage visitor who is looking for the exact item that you offer : what might you type into Google?

Make a list and then insert in the appropriate field at least 5/6 keywords per page.

Description: What message does the page bring? Sum up the main idea to attract and increase interest.

Metatitle and URL key: The most experienced users can modify metatitles and Url key in order to be remain focused on the single page content.

Please remember : the more you update, the greater chances you have to show up in the first few pages of search results.

Moreover, don’t forget to include the keywords: it’s extremely important to insert them in the original content.

Create your site to make online sales

1msite helps you to activate your E-commerce section with to your dashboard. You don’t need to create a different account. Just in few steps, you can create an online shop and sell your goods.

Today, the number of consumers who make online purchases has strongly increased. The reason for this is the fact that nowadays internet allows people to find unavailable in the store products for a cheaper price.

Take a look on some true stories from our clients, who have already made many e-commerce for selling their products such as clothes, technical instruments, services and others.

Start selling online right now!

Moreover, don’t forget to include the keywords: it’s extremely important to insert them in the original content.

Now…create your website

If you feel confident enough to create your site then it’s the right moment to begin!

Below you will find the reviews from people who already tried 1msite.
You can also take a look on some tips from the web.

What are you waiting for? Create now your free website

10 golden rules to create a perfect website!

Some useful tips on how to create an attractive and crowdy website!
In order to achieve success online it’s necessary to follow some fundamental rules for making the website more popular.

If you just follow few simple steps, you can create an online shop and sell your products all over the world.

Create your site map: even just on a piece of paper, think mostly about the navigation. It could be very useful. A successful website claims for a structure analysis composing the site. It is fundamental that web user experience will not be negative otherwise you might lose a potential clients forever.
Insert your contact : Make evident your e-mail address and your contact information or include a request for information form .
Update and customize your site : The more you update, the greater chances you have to show up in the first few pages of search results.
Originality and competitors:enjoy advantages that the web provides. Indeed it’s possible to create website better than your competitors, just do not copy the information, you might lose potential clients, be orginal!
Create interactivity: the greatest advantage of new online tools is an ability to create a bi-directional relationship with web users who can interact with a company, the professionals and others. Remember to use all communication networks when creating a website.
Easy to find:  It is very important for your website to have Seo indexing which will include all info hidden to clients and will still remain visible for search engines. Meta tag Description is also an essential element that can emphasize your superiority over the competitors.
Create customer loyalty:  Ask your clients to register on your newsletter website, in this way they will be able to know about your news, offers and your new products. The more you are in touch with your clients, the more often they will visit your site. This is a positive element which will help you to raise positions in search engines. 
Mobile Friendly: Make your website customizable withr different mobile devices. Choose a responsive template, in this way your clients can consult and make their purchases on your website using smartphone or tablet. Organize your contents, texts, pictures and videos and you will attract a bunch of new clients.
Your website speed: do not underestimate this aspect. Users love to get information in few seconds. Remember to make pictures and videos lighter so your website site will load pages faster. Researches show that users tend to leave pages and sites which take more than 2 second to be loaded.
Pay attention to contents : make sure that contents of website are rare and original, give up copying others. Remember to include the information that customers want and expect to find on your website. Try to use specific keywords and combine them. Catch the attention of your clients with attractive messages and they will spend more time on your website .  

What people say about us: a feedback from those who have already made a site with 1msite

Alessandro La Russa – Milan

A well – built website is such a successful business card influencing whatever business you’re running. I strongly confirm that 1msite is absolutely easy to use and all services contained are highly professional.

Maria Giuseppina Cascone – Parole Di Carta – Milan

1msite has been such an unexpected and amazing discovery; I found and tried it by chance…and in only three clicks it was already done. It was such an incredible and huge satisfaction I had created it just by myself!

More useful tips on how to create an attractive and efficient website

1. Graphic choice : don’t stop yourself on the idea or your category template, go deeply and explore all templates available on 1msite; you will be able to change the graphic design in any moment if you would like to.
2.Think of the web as the principal source for daily communication, where all web users can interact with each other sharing information, contact whenever they want. Mainly, we are talking about Web 2.0 to specify the interaction the websites allow.
3.Monitoring results: nowadays it’s possible to check and to monitor frequently results within the web thanks to several analysis tools, such as Google Analytics which is furnished directly by Google with a free program registration. These tools are supposed to give opportunity to track the trend of website created with 1msite and making some improvements modifying or adjusting messages, pages, images, videos, etc.
4.Follow us, If you still have doubts, please feel free to check out our webmaster in Milan : you will learn all web secrets
5. Raise value of your website with external links to the blog or forum or with some interesting stories and articles. Each of these services helps to build trust within the network. For example, if your site concerns furniture or illumination and you want to promote concrete concepts such as CAlligaris chairs or Calligaris tables, or in case the site regards technology and you want to promote particular ideas or products such as inkjet cartridge , toner, Usb devices, it could be very efficient to make some comments on the blog which will be quite useful for you; also topics for pharmacy furniture could be mentioned in blog and discussions.

Servizio fantastico!
One Minute Site offre la possibilità di creare facilmente il proprio sito anche a chi non è un esperto del computer. Non c'è bisogno di intermediari e qualunque modifica si desidera apportare al proprio sito, avviene in tempo reale. Ottimi anche i costi e il servizio di assistenza: personale estremamente cortese, preciso e preparato. Lo consiglio a chiunque!
Servizio fantastico!
Date Published: 12/17/2014
Servizio fantastico!
5 / 5 stars

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