• Create your custom website
    in less than 1 minute

    Select a template that matches your needs

    1minutesite includes hundreds of templates to choose from. To make your task even easier they are divided into different categories.

    Even though our web designers have created a great variety of themes, styles and colours, you can still ask for a customizable template,  which will make your website unique.

    Decide on how your website should look like

    Choose from any of our professional website themes and then customize it to fit your tastes.
    Introduce all the changes that you wish. You will get back to the original template settings with a single click of a button, without loosing all that you have already inserted into your site.

    Are you searching for a web designer ?

    If you need total custom professional-quality graphics, you can rely on our graphic department.
    If you subscribe to one of our package versions for at least 3 years, you will receive a basic template totally for free. Contact us.

    contact us

  • Live updatable

    Upgrade whenever you want with your CSM for dynamic contents.

    Make your website even better by introducing different contents such as texts, images, youtube videos, downloads, contact files, google maps etcetc.
    You will be able to modify inserted contents whenever you wish or you may also add new ones.


    Connect your website and operate with efficiency

    Connect your website to Google Analitycs and check the website activity(e.g. webtraffic, visitors behaviour and location etc).
    With our CSM system it is possible to intervene immediately to your website contents and pages in order to make your business more efficient.


    Go public!

    Have you already finished building your website? Click the “Publish” button and make it visible to all online users.
    Please remember : every time you update your website, you must click the “Publish” button. Thanks to this simple click, your website will immediately be updated and ready to welcome next visitor.

  • Activate your online shop, your first order is ready to go!

    One minutesite includes everything you need to create your website and start selling online.

    Online shopping has never been so easy


    Different options for your products

    You can add product variations, e.g. size/colour/packaging. Variations are completely adaptable based on the product you want to sell.

    It’s still not the end! Each product has its warehouse so you can decide on the number of items that you would like to sell. The best part is that the prices are also absolutely adoptable.


    Shipping Rates

    The shipping cost can vary depending on the delivery point.

    If you would like to make your future customers happy,set an expenditure limit and when they will reach it, you can offer them a free shipping.


    “Safe” and worldwide accepted payment methods

    You can simply receive PayPal payments, bank transfers and cash-on-delivery.
    Checkout step option on 1msite is easy and safe. It can be done just in one step, your clients will provide you with necessary data to issue the invoice/receipt and transport the goods. Your customers can make their orders quickly and with the utmost confidence.

  • Every package contains domain, e-mail and Web space that should match your needs.


    Personal domain included

    If you already own a domain, you may use it to create a webpage with 1msite. We are able to transfer your domain to our platform. This gives you a possibility to design your website and publish it to a domain you already own. The domain name is an important choice, because it should perfectly reflect and highlight the main theme of your website.


    Use your e-mail

    We will also give you an opportunity to create up to 5 different e-mail accounts completely for free.

    If your domain name is let’s say “yoursite.com”, it is possible to create an e-mail address which will look like “info@yoursite.com”.

    If you would like to, the messages sent to your new e-mail account (e.g. info@yoursite.com) will be redirected to an existing e-mail account (e.g. mail@example.com). This allows you to save your time and helps you to become more professional.

    Server space

    Our subscription plan includes server space for implementing a website.

    Based on your space requirements, it is possible to start with a transfer rate from 100mb to 1000mb.

    The functioning of our DNS server makes it possible to provide a world-wide quick response systems once the first request for your webpage has been made.

  • Feel free to enter one of the most important markets in the world : Google

    Search engine friendly

    Potential clients, users and visitors are supposed to easily find your site trough search engines; we guarantee that 1minutesite is CSM Seo friendly, it means that it’s possible to change some of the fundamental features, e.g. modify your URL, Meta title, keywords and Meta description of every page and product disciption.

    Moreover, with 1minutesite, once introduced to your site changes become public, they get quickly indexed and visualized to search engines.

    Make an immediate and dramatic improvement to your website performance

    1minutesite has integrated statistic systems that allow you to follow for example the number of visits and sales for a particular period of time.

    If you would like to get a clear picture of how your webpage is developing, all you need to do is to connect your site to Google Analytics.

    These steps are very important if your aim is to modify the site, improve contents, increase the sales and boost profits.

  • We will always support you!

    Happiness of our clients is all we want.

    The clients give a review on our support team every time after they cooperate together.
    Each client has an opportunity to describe the experience he/she received,tell a story, how he/she feels when using the product etc.
    Our goal is to improve the quality of a feedback!

    Take a look on feedback from the people who tested the product for the first time

    How can we give our clients well-defined answers within a limited time frame? It’s easy. We have decided to be the first ones who have tried and tested our CSM.
    Every single day , our staff creates contents, optimizes website and uses all available functions, in order to fulfill the needs and expectations of our clients and to find the best solution for the possible problems.


    Your website will gain a great worldwide success!



    Coming soon! Download the guide book “How to impress Google” and create a beautiful website that will be visible to search engines.



    Check out the FAQ section. If you won’t find answers to your question there, please feel free to contact customer support team and you will receive the response as soon as possible within 24 hours. Hopefully it will help to improve our FAQ


    Contact us via email or telephone

    Send an e-mail to our support team at info@1msite.com and you will receive a reply within 24 hours


    Video Guide

    Visit our Youtube Channel. Videos will show you how to create and make your website public if you just follow few simple steps.

All you need to run your business with your personal site

Domain included

You will get your personal domain: www.mysite.com


Personal e-mail account

Optimized Website

Your website will be easily visible on Google.

Technical Support

Send us an e-mail to

Photo Gallery

Publish your pictures and create specific Photo Gallery


Make Online Sales! Opern your online shop

Graphic Templates

Choose amonng several graphic templates

Responsive templates

Discover our offer on graphic responsive templates which suit any kind of mobile device

Multilanguage Website

You can create a multilanguage website up to 3 different languages.

Youtube Videos

Add Youtube videos you like more.

Google Maps

Let others find you quickly
Insert your Google Map


You can insert on your site downloads: Pdf, word, Zip files.

Create your website with 1 Minute Site

Technical or informatic competencies are not necessary