How to design a successful website!

What does “designing website” mean?

The process of designing a website layout  is very easy and can be done in a minute, especially if you are dealing with simple sites. However it’s quite important to dedicate some time and focus on the mechanism itself. The first stage in creating a website is to make fundamental decisions. For example, how many pages should you create and what content should they include? Then with the right graphic design choice we can make everything look much more beautiful and attractive.
There are 3 basic elements which should be taken into account before starting the website:

  • Content inventory
  • Content tree
  • Scheme of Principal pages

How to create the Content Inventory?

The content inventory design is very important because it helps you to concentrate on the web content and focus on the message that you would like to carry.

  • Content quality vs. content quantity. How much content is enough? How good does it need to be?
  • Do you already have the idea?
  • Do you still need to produce the content

Take your time and think about all the questions above. Try to come up with an answer and think critically if you are able to create that content, texts and images or if you need someone else’s help. Probably you will need someone to take a picture of the products or of your holiday home 🙂

How to create a Content tree?

Once available content,that you might want to produce, is well-defined, you should try to organise it as a map, in other words you should create a website content tree. First of all we should take a piece of paper and draw a diagram using rectangles and linking lines. This simple exercise will help you to focus on pages that you would like to create and it will be a precious map when later you will start thinking about the page structure.

I have already designed many sites with 1msite and I still keep each of those papers with my initial map drawings. From time to time I added new pages and trust me, those simple structures allowed me to manage all next pages, without feeling lost or making my clients feel lost when visiting my website.

Graphical representation of the page

We highlight one more time that it is extremelyly important to make the schematic structure of each page. What elements will your page contain? How much space will they occupy and how they should be displayed? When you decided to build a website, you had already had the answers to all those questions somewhere in your head.
Now, create a written scheme of the main pages, taking into account one simple and easy to remember acronym : AIDA
Use the AIDA model!:

What exactly does AIDA mean?

Simply you should remember :

    • A – attract the attention of the customer.
    • I  – attract the interest of the customer.
    • D – desire: convince customers that they desire the product orand that it will satisfy their needs.
    • A – action: lead customers towards taking action and/or purchasing.

After designing the pages in a schematic way, you should decide which graphic style to use for your website. The site is just a part of a company’s communication and it should be linked with all the others advertising tools, that the business is already using.