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1msite gives you three different options to run your business! Choose the one that matches your needs the best.


If you would like to earn money through your website, mailing list or your personal page look no more!

What are the benefits of joining affiliate program? This program will allow you to obtain two different types of remuneration based on the activity done by customers who visit 1msite, coming directly from your server. Your remuneration will change If the customer registers on 1msite or purchases the subscribtion to any of the package versions.

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Reseller Plus

Web agency or Start-up, web designer, Advertisement Agency, Web marketing specialist

What are the benefits of becoming a Reseller PLUS ?The Reseller plus program is perfect for those who are already working in the online&offline communication and for those who have experience with creating websites and want to prepare for their clients a well-organized project.
Using our CSM and graphic templates, you will be able to create low cost websites or e-commerce. 1msite is simple, flexible and always updatable. And that’s not all! Feel free to ask for our help if you face some problems.

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Reseller Light

It’s the best solution for tose who would like to create website for friends, collagues, clients. Don’t miss a chance, take advantage of the discounts!

What are the benefits of becoming a Reseller LIGHT??The Reseller LIGHT, can create website for clients, friends, parents, colleagues. You only need to purchase a subscription 1msite plan with a specific discount plan and without any engagement.

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All you need to run your business with your personal site

Domain included

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Personal e-mail account

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Your website will be easily visible on Google.

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Photo Gallery

Publish your pictures and create specific Photo Gallery


Make Online Sales! Opern your online shop

Graphic Templates

Choose amonng several graphic templates

Responsive templates

Discover our offer on graphic responsive templates which suit any kind of mobile device

Multilanguage Website

You can create a multilanguage website up to 3 different languages.

Youtube Videos

Add Youtube videos you like more.

Google Maps

Let others find you quickly
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You can insert on your site downloads: Pdf, word, Zip files.

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Technical or informatic competencies are not necessary