Your position on search engine : few tips to be in the first positions

Choose suitable keywords

Position on search engine is based on the keyword analysis. First of all, you should ask yourself:

  • What are the keywords which define the website contents the best?
  • What kind of research volume on search engine can the chosen words contain?
  • What is the level of competition with other sites in terms of the selected keywords?

The final decision about which keywords to use will be the result of the initial list of suitable words, basically filtered on the research volume and on the strength of completion existing in that moment for any single keyword. It is important to highlight that every page of the site must be optimized for a specified keyword. Focusing on contents and keywords allows to improve position and to make your website contents clearer.

Optimize metatags of the page

First of all try to define metatag meaning. It is a particular “label” which is not visible on websites, even though it provides useful information to search engine. All web pages have three fundamental labels for the position on search engine: title, description and keyword, which must be used according to particular criteria:

  • Use in the title a keyword on which you would like to focus the most.  The title should present your site, therefore, it can’t be only a list of keywords but also a brief description related to the page contents.
  • Description should explain in a few words what your page is related to.
  • Keywords should be focused on a specific content of the page.

Include the main keyword in the title and subtitle of the page

The page content should have only one main title (tag h1) and different subtitles. In order to reach an optimal position on the search engine it is really important that your keyword is present both in the title and in the subtitles. Every web page should include a title which will be able to recap its content with the connected keyword. Simply putting in action that relationship, search engine will be able to recognize connection with the searched target. Google takes into account some elements to valuate connection between titles and keywords such as:

  • The presence of title keywords even in the contents, otherwise Google will most likely handicap your page without paying attention to it;
  • Uniqueness:  every title should refer to a particular page, otherwise google will be unable to catch connection and it can consider the content to be a duplicate;
  • Position of keywords: they should be inserted as much as possible on the left side;

Create texts which will include the target keyword

Texts that are included to a page should contain the target keyword and once a keyword is chosen to be used, it is necessary to analyze how many times it appears. As a general rule, the keywords should be present in the text in a proportion lower than 5% of the total amount of words in the text.

Another element that should be taken into account is avoiding stretching. The text should be written for the user therefore we don’t need to insert illogic keywords. Please keep in mind that you should provide visitors with an original and quite understandable content.

In the end, please pay attention to the cannibalization of keywords, in other words if you have 4 optimized pages with the same keywords then the result will be worse than expected. In order to fix this problem it is suggested to use specific keywords (long tailed ones), and leave main keyword on the first page.

Make sure that the other websites are talking about your site and that they include the referring links

One of the most important elements to achieve a good position is the quality and quantity of external links which are supposed to redirect potential clients to your site. To get those links it is appropriate to focus on the quality of your content: if it looks interesting and well-defined, sooner or later the web will start talking about you. A simple trick on how to ensure that the web talks about you: take care about contacts through social networks and blog linked to your product/service.

Update frequently your website contents

A frequently updated site gets a higher position on search engine. Help your visitors to enjoy your original and new info. Search engines periodically supervise sites that are present in their database, “awarding” them, in terms of positioning and indexing, when presenting new revisions. Update of your content will help you with a better web surfing and use of the site itself. Therefore the most important rule is to take care about contents.

Create a sitemap.xml to be sure that Google makes a redirect to your site

The sitemap.xml is a file, written in .xml format, which comprises the map of all URL of the site. Creating a sitemap.xml and submitting it with webmaster tool of your Google account will allow you to make an index of your entire website URL. In this file, for each URL, we’ll find little info useful for search engines:

  • Date of the last update
  • Update Frequency
  • It is extremely important that Url has relation with all the pages of the site.

Thanks to such tool your pages will be indexed and visible properly for search engines.

Create a file robots.txt

The robots.txt file consists of a list of buttons that allows you to communicate Url you don’t need to index. The position on search engine of pages is really important, even though it is appropriate to exclude, through the robots.txt, some parts of the site we don’t want to advertise, such as private areas.

Then Summarizing, the robots.txt file is necessary only if in your site are present some contents you desire to exclude from the index of the search engine.

Check website traffic through statistics given by tools such as google analytics

The position on search engines requires a hard and dynamic work and it needs to be improved and valued constantly. The control of statistics concerning traffic of your site is fundamental to define actions and operations useful for further improvement of positions on search engines.

Google offers you a tool, called Google Analytics, which will help you to monitor your site and traffic. If you link linking your website to Google Analitycs Account, you will be able to improve and direct your web marketing strategies as best as you can.

Position on search engine depends also on social networks

The web evolution has brought some changes into SEO. One of them is considered to be the popularity on social networks. Having activity on social networks and promoting high quality arguments is very important to increase esteem of contents in your website. Basically, Google thinks simply: if contents of your website are shared and widespread spontaneously by users then it is obvious that your site has high quality info for the network and so it deserves a good position on search engine.


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