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  • Domain + 5 e-mail
  • unlimited pages
  • eCommerce:
    unlimited, with variants
  • 1,000 Mb web space
  • Multilanguage

  • Google AdWords Campaign activation
    Budget 100€ included
  • 2 hours of dedicated consultancy

best selling
vat included
Best selling
All you need
to create a Good website


  • Domain + 3 e-mail
  • 20 pages
  • eCommerce:
    up to 20 products
  • 100 Mb web space
  • Multilanguage

  • Google Adwords Campaign activation
    Budget 100€ included
  • 2 hours dedicated consultancy

vat included
For simple website
Ideal for web beginners


  • Domain + 1 e-mail
  • 5 pages
  • eCommerce:
    up to 5 products
  • 25 Mb web space
  • Multilanguage

  • Google Adwords Campaign activation
    Budget 100€ included/li>
  • 2 hours dedicated consultancy

Free Website
Just believe it!
Create your website
forever free

Create Free Website!

  • 3 pages
  • eCommerce:
    up to 3 products
  • 10 Mb web space
  • Multilanguage

  • Google Adwords Campaign activation
    Budget 100$ included
  • 2 hours dedicated consultancy

100% money back Guarantee

If you create your website with 1msite but you are not satisfied at all, please send us an e-mail within 60 days from your purchase and we will give you money back.

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How long does the contract last?

How long would my contract last?

The Agreement is valid for the period of one year, basically planned just for the business plans ( Business, Professional and Basic versions). When the original contract expires you might subscribe for an annual or multiannual renewal. This in turn leads to increase in website creation results, and, above all, you still can keep managing and updating your content autonomously. If you do not agree, you can decide to keep your free website with only 3 content pages and a third level domain (

Annual or multi-annual subscription. Which one should I choose?

When you are building your 1minutesite website some discounts are available only for customers with multiannual subscription. If you go to the “Purchase” section, you will find a detailed description of different types of discounts provided for Personal version; planned discounts for website creation can raise up to 50%.

Can I delete my account?

Of course. As soon as you realize that your website does not help you with your business, you can ask our team for deleting the website. All you need to do is to send an e-mail to, with the information about your personal website ( username, password and e-mail address used for the registration); the cancellation of a website is totally free.

I already own a domain, can I use it on 1minutesite?

If you already own a domain but you haven’t created your website yet, or you did create it but you are planning to introduce some changes to it or try to make it more attractive, then all you need to do is to go to 1msite and choose Customizable FTP option, available for all subscription plans.

I’ve already purchased a subscription plan. Can I change it?

Yes, it is always possible. You will be able to switch from the current plan to another one which offers more features and functions. The new plan will be activated as soon as you pay the money gap between the first and the new plan.

What are “Sendminer” credits?

Sendminer is a platform for web marketing campaigns. You will be able to create and send newsletter, commercial DEM or messages to your staff. Moreover, Sendminer allows you to monitor the results. Possessing Sendminer credits means that you can send your commercial message to as many contacts as is indicated in 1minute site version that you have chosen to create your website.

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