Here’s the new feature to better manage and upgrade your Shop’s Product Variants.
A new management that allows you to expand your Catalog, by implementing all products with New Variants and Attributes Configurable in One Click.
Selling online has never been easier!



Customize at the best every product in your shop, create new variants and expand your online catalog: make your customers’ purchase even simpler!


Just a few clicks to create and edit all your new variants: thanks to the archived available for each product, you can update the entire catalog in just few minutes.


Thanks to simple and intuitive management, choose the variants and attributes you want to include: it will be the system to configure all of products for you.


Find out what they are

New Management, Bigger Catalog

The new management allows you to specify for each product more configurable variants, for which you can enter multiple specific values: the system will automatically process the match between all the values entered for each product.

For each variant you can change the price, the quantity and enter different SKU codes in a much simpler and faster way, thanks to massive selection.

Now you can insert different images for each variant, creating a wider catalog and a more accurate selection of products.
Activate New Variant Management Now!

Configurable Product Variants

You can enter up to 3 variants.
Archived allows you to view all of the previously added values so you don’t lose the already-defined attributes.
You can easily replicate the old variants that you have already inserted for the product or specify new ones.

The variants generated for a first product can also be selected for other catalog products, so to update it in a few minutes.

If you have different kinds of products that require different variations, you can create new ones with new values.
To add a new variant you just need to specify its name and associate the various values you want to add to it.

Customizable Attributes

For each variant you enter, you can specify unlimited values. If you have already added variants to a product, for the next product you can select the same as the previous product: in this way the system will automatically enter all the values already specified.

If you need to specify new ones, you need to press Enter to add new values: once saved the changes, the new variants will be generated automatically.

It is also possible to delete some values and add new ones. The system will create all possible matches with the values entered, so for each product will be visible all the variants created, for which you can modify and add SKU, price, quantity and image.


By activating the new management, you will have to re-insert the variants of your products from scratch, as it will be the new system that will process them automatically, by activating multiple drop-down menus in your product tabs.
Once the new management is enabled, thanks to the Available Archived, you can keep in mind all the values that you have previously entered for your products, then re-enter the variants with ease.
Don’t worry, you do not have to modify the products all at once: you can activate the new product variants product by product, so you can update the entire catalog in several times.

Do not you know how to get started?
Follow the Steps below and Upgrade Your Shop!

1 Activates New Variants Management for Your Products

2 Use Archived to see all the values already added

3 Add Variants, Values, and Images to the new system

4 Check Quantity, Price, Sku Code and Post the Site!

Expand Your Online Catalog and Sell Your Products Better!

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Questions and Answers on New Variants

Why should I reinsert product variants with new management?

It is necessary to reinsert the variants as the new system allows the management of that as real product attributes, and not just as variables of the product.
The system will create a drop-down menu for each inserted variant, so that your customers can choose multiple product configurations.

Can I enable new management and update my products later?

Yes, you can enable the new management product-per-product, and then modify them one at a time. After the changes you can still republish the site to update the modified product.

I’ve enabled the new variant management, but I do not see any change to other products, why?

Each product must be updated individually, depending on the new variants you want to insert and activate. For each product in the catalogue, you can choose if specify the variants used for the previous product or create new ones with new values.

Can I activate the new management massively throughout the catalog?

Yes, although you will need to re-insert the new variants for each product.

Can I change the price and quantity for each product variant?

Yes, for each variant with the new system you can modify Price, Quantity, SKU Code and insert a different image of the product for each created record.

Can I add a different image for each variant?

You can insert a different image for each combination of variants so that you can display a different image for each product declination.

Can I delete variants with new management?

Yes, it is possible for each product to delete massively the inserted variants, so in one click, or delete them one at a time.

How many variations can I add for each product?

It is possible to insert up to 3 variants for each product in the catalog.

How many values can I add for each variant?

For each new product variant you can enter undefined values: the system will automatically create a match, creating a product attribute for each combination of values and variants so that in one click you can manage n attributes for each product in your shop.

Can I continue to have old management and never activate the new variants?

Yes you can keep old management, even for new products added after upgrading. However, the new management is definitely recommended as it represents an improved product catalog functionality both in terms of updating the shop and for users who can choose multiple product declinations in just one click and directly from the product card of your website.

Once the new management is activated, can I go back to the old one?

No, once the new variant management is activated, you will not be able to restore old management. However, it is possible to keep old management for new added products after upgrading.